Rapid Changes

Electronic cigarettes have changed quite a lot since a 52-year-old Chinese inventor and pharmacist with a penchant for smoking first invented first invented a device named Ruyan (like smoke) in 2003. More than a decade has passed since then and improvements in research and development and availability of high-powered lithium ion batteries and other electrical and electronic components have drastically changed the functionality of the electronic cigarettes. Unlike the past when one could only buy only one brand that consisted of a single flavored disposable cigarette with a standard nicotine level, we can now purchase from a wide range of models available across different price platforms. Although one can still purchase the disposable models, an increasing number of people are opting for refillable ones since that provides them with an opportunity to choose from a wide variety of flavored cartridges, and select the nicotine strength of their choice.

Second and third generation vaporizers compared
There are several inherent problems with the second generation e-cigs even though they offer the best in smoking experience and have batteries that last a long time. It is impossible to change their wattage, means that the user could not increase the temperature of the metal coil encasing the e-liquid cartridge. Had they been able to do so, they could have increased the amount of mist and nicotine exiting from the cigarette, or even decrease the output by lowering the temperature. Their sole option was to purchase a vape mod that is bigger and powerful, increase the flavor of the e-liquid, and produce more vapor. The advanced e-cigs offers users to enjoy all the advantages of the vape mod with a normal sized e-cigarette. Armed with high-powered rechargeable lithium ion batteries capable of delivering 1600 mAh (a unit used to measure the energy capacity of batteries… the higher the mAh, the longer the life of the battery), it allows users to enjoy the extra power effortlessly. If you want to see the power of modern electronics at its best, try this model, which allows you to control the vapor releasing power from 0 to 100 in a couple of seconds.

Supersonic electronic cigarettes
If you want to flaunt your style and want to enjoy the power of bigger e-cigs without carrying a bulky model, opt for the third generation pen style e-cigs. They provide you with many advantages such as high-powered batteries that last an entire day, and ease of refilling. You also have the option to choose from a wide range of colors and can opt for a glass or stainless steel vape tank. Unlike old models, this beauty boasts of bottom vertical coils, designed to deliver tremendous vapor and richer flavor. This compact model replicates its vape pen mods without compromising on satisfaction.

Only power and no juice
We have discussed next generation e-cigs that deliver lots of power. However, this means that they use up e-liquid rapidly, especially when you push it to the max. You need not worry as you can now purchase e-cigs that have a bigger tank. Purchase a bottle of e-liquid, available in many flavors, and in quantities ranging from 15 ml to 30 ml. Each bottle has a dropper, which you can use to fill the tank of this giant vaporizer. This is the best choice for those going for a hike and do not want to bother themselves by carrying extra luggage in the form of e-liquid cartridges. You can also select bottles by the amount of PG/VG they contain. For the uninitiated, these two terms refer to `propylene glycol’ and `vegetable glycerin,’ which are the two primary ingredients of the liquid used in electronic cigarettes for producing vapor.

The extreme
If you are looking for the maximum satisfaction, opt for a kit that contains an all in one pack and provides more vapor per ml of liquid used. You can increase or decrease the temperature of the tank holding the e-liquid by twisting the base of the e-cig clockwise or counter clockwise. Apart from the gadget itself, the kit contains a carrying case, replacement coils, and USB charger. The balance between airflow and vapor production of this model is perfect to the T. This is perhaps the only model that contains dual heater coils.

Instead of wasting your time finding suitable models that match the above specifications, visit reputable sites.