John Bremer: Founder - Institute of Philosophy and Cambridge College

In Memory of John A. Bremer. April 14, 1927 – November 30, 2015

John Bremer, was of Irish ancestry, of English birth, and is Cambridge educated; he first came to the US in 1951 and has lived in Vermont since 1996. He has led a double career, first, researching and writing on scholarly texts, especially Plato, and, second, applying what he has learned to problems of society and public education. In the former aspect, he discovered the arithmetical and harmonical structure of Plato’s dialogues (1960-84), and, in the latter, he founded the Parkway Program in Philadelphia in 1968 and Cambridge College in 1971.

The articles here reflect his many interests but all deal, in some way, with what it means to understand, what we mean by learning, and how we can help ourselves and others enjoy it.
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