The Long Sword Dances of England

Published in About Revels, 2000 The Sword Dances of England by John Bremer The Sword Dances from England are not national dances. They were found in England, and the English preserved them, but they are exemplars of a human, pan-world ritual, and it is only by good fortune that some of the best examples were Continue Reading …

Cecil Sharp: A Short History

Published 1999

The Dancing English: the Ritual Dance

Published, June 1993

The Dancing English: the Social Dance

Published May,1993

Intelligence in “Sir Patrick Spens”

Published August 1992

A Dance Autobiography

The headquarters of the English Folk Dance and Song Society in London has a foundation stone which reads: “This building is erected in memory of Cecil Sharp who restored to the English people the songs and dances of their country.” It is dated Midsummer Day, 1929 I never knew Cecil Sharp for he died before Continue Reading …