An Afterword (to Light in the Shadowlands)

Published in Light in the Shadowlands by Kanthryn Lindskoog, pp.269-278, 1984 and re-printed in Sleuthing C.S. Lewis by the same author, pp. 293-301, 2001 An Afterword by John Bremer Reading the preceding chapters is a disturbing, if exciting, experience, for it is hard to forget the fundamental purpose of scholarship, the discovery of the truth. Continue Reading …

The Long Sword Dances of England

Published in About Revels, 2000 The Sword Dances of England by John Bremer The Sword Dances from England are not national dances. They were found in England, and the English preserved them, but they are exemplars of a human, pan-world ritual, and it is only by good fortune that some of the best examples were Continue Reading …

The Title and Epigraphs of Surprised by Joy

Published in The Lewis Legacy, Seventy-fourth Issue, Autumn 1997 The Title and Epigraphs of Surprised by Joy John Bremer Authors give their works titles, or, at least, propose titles, which sometimes get accepted and sometimes not. The proposed titles of C.S. Lewis’s works had a mixed reception. His first book of poems Spirits in Bondage Continue Reading …

Plato’s Understanding of Philosophy

August 2009 A discussion of Plato’s use of the words philosophy, philosophize, and philosopher based on a collection of all instances in all the dialogues and letters, with a concluding statement of how he understood the words and what he was doing.

The Battle of Britain and Birthday + 1

Published 2010

To the memory of my Beloved

To the Memory of my Beloved, the Author, Mr. William Shakespeare: And what he hath left us by Ben Jonson, together with his introductory poem to the Droeshout  engraving. Edited and annotated by John Bremer, Institute of Philosophy, 2009

Shakespeare’s Sonnets (Q)

Shakespeare’s Sonnets: The Design, Printing and Publishing of Q Institute of Philosophy, 1996

Cecil Sharp: A Short History

Published 1999

A Concordance to “Spirits in Bondage”


Review: Malarkey Mania

Published December 1993